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Home Theater Acoustic Treatment

Home Theater Acoustic Treatment Service Home Theater Acoustic Treatment Service Home Theater Acoustic Treatment Service Home Theater Acoustic Treatment Service Home Theater Acoustic Treatment Service

Gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, meetings halls ,and home theater are typically large, noisy rooms, with numerous solid surfaces. The "hard" surfaces create significant levels of reverb (echo) which raises the overall noise level to a point where communication and speech clarity become very difficult. The key to controlling the sound in these rooms is to lower the reverberation time, or the amount of time it takes for the sound to decay. To improve acoustics in gyms, multipurpose rooms, and meeting halls, it will require the addition of noise absorbing materials.

We are a Delhi based service provider, offering one of a kinds Home Theater Acoustic Treatment Services. Total Acoustic Solutions has a complete line of acoustical materials designed for use in high-traffic, loud environments such as gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, and meeting halls. Our products meet fire code requirements, provide excellent durability, and the best acoustical performance available. We can provide best solutions for your environment to provide accurate and cost effective sound solutions that work.

Improving sound quality within a home theater environment is dependent on factors such as room size and composition of the floors, walls and ceiling materials. Dissipating excessive sound energy can be achieved through the proper amount and placement of decorative sound absorption surfaces. With our expert advice and products, you can greatly improve the sound quality of your theater while adding a unique finished appearance.

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  • Acoustic Panels : Acoustic panels are designed to improve sound quality and speech clarity within a space. They are, in essence, premium sound & noise absorbing wall coverings
  • Acoustic Foam : Sound Insulation with acoustic foam offer the perfect blend of technical specifications and eye-pleasing aesthetics. The increased NRC ratings across the board will meet even the strictest audiophile's needs.
  • Acoustical Ceiling Tiles : Acoustical Ceiling Tiles are designed to improve sound quality and block noise transmission

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