Soundproof Rooms

Soundproof Rooms

Building a Room Within a Room (Floating Room) 

Casual noise can be reduced to a very tolerable level by simply “beefing up” existing walls, floors and ceilings. However, if you want to achieve significant sound isolation then a dedicated room construction is in order. 

This construction is seen most commonly when there is a great deal of noise to be contained within the room, or contained outside the room. 

Common Room Examples:

  • Heavy Industrial Equipment Isolation
  • Commercial or Residential Home Theaters
  • Recording Studios
  • Rooms of solitude where you won’t be bothered by any outside noise.

For this high level of isolation you will want a room within a room. All 4 Elements of Soundproofing should be deployed. Decoupling, Mass, Absorption and Damping. We are providing  these soundproofing services for  rooms ,walls & ceilings keeping in mind the requirements of the client. 


Type Soundproof Rooms
Material High Density Sound Barriers
Shape Rectangular, Square
Thickness 125 mm – 175 mm
Length As per Requirement
Application Residence, Commercial & Industrial