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Sound Proof Panels

We bring forth superior quality Sound Proof Panels to cater to diverse requirements of the customers.


Room Isolation Wall Ceiling Panels
High noise levels have become a great concern in Commercial buildings, offices, factories, and various enterprises. Most of the times, offices & cubicles are built with wood or gypsum board material which are unable to block the desired amount of noise travel due to their low density & acoustical properties. The “SoundBlock” Isolation base panels that we offer work as a barrier in partitions & highly increase their STC ratings.

“Sound Block” Isolation base panels are unique 25/ 595/ 595mm heavy mineral compound filled, high density barium free panels backed with a visco elastic acoustical material and unlike other isolation products this material does extraordinarily well in not only blocking direct sound, but a unique characteristic that sets it far apart from other sound barriers when dealing with very low frequencies, i.e. railroad/truck road noise and AC/heatpumps.

We recommend “Sound Block “ Isolation Panels for Walls , Ceiling & partitions to increase STC level and block noise upto 50 dB (A) with single & upto 80 dB (A) with double panels when mounted on a framework with a suitable acoustic material in the cavity of framework. Our unique “SoundBlock“ Isolation base Panel will no doubt be part of our recommendation for all sound Isolation requirements.