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Floating Floor

Floating Floor

Floating Floors, floating ceilings, and floating walls refer to a means of vibrationally isolating these structures from the surrounding construction.

Sound is transmitted through vibrations into spaces where noise is not welcome. Performance halls, rehearsal rooms, broadcast and recording studios and acoustic test enclosures are typically spaces that require vibration isolation. The vibration isolation materials are designed and furnished by our company as per requirement & impact sound can be reduced 18Db. After installing the Isolation float floor you can Install wood floor, floor tiles and carpets directly on the surface.

The Use Effect : The noise insulation index of the floor slab is improved greatly; footstep from upstairs and impact sound is eliminated.

Applied For Residence, Hotel, Schools, Night Club Ballroom, Hospital, Office building, Recording Room, Studio, Industrial Workshop.

We are engaged in supplying high quality Floating Floor across the nation.

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