Acoustic Foams

Acoustic Foams

We are suppliers of  Acoustic PU Foam, Acoustic Insulation Foam, acoustic  pyramid Foam Panels , acoustic wedge foam panels ,  acoustic egg tray foam panels  , base traps ,   Acoustical Solutions and Materials .  Sound Absorption Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam) Weakens The Sound Waves hitting it & works well for echo & reverberation treatment. 

Sound Insulation with acoustic foam offer the perfect blend of technical specifications and eye-pleasing aesthetics. The increased NRC ratings across the board will meet even the strictest audiophile's needs. Whether you're a professional musician creating a sound studio, or simply trying to help control some sonic anomalies in your work space. 

These are widely used in hotel, ballroom, recording room, club, architectural decoration, industrial workshop, etc. This foam can be easily glued to any other material such as non-woven fabric, gypsum sheet, sun mica, glass fiber. 


Color Natural
Size 300mm x 300mm x 50mm
Type Acoustic Foam
Material Foam
Shape Square
Application Acoustic Treatment
Color Grey
Density 30 Kg/ m3 and Above
Design Type Pyramid, Wedge, Egg Tray , Plain

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